Puppy & Kitten First Steps

So you just got a new Puppy or Kitten and wondering what you need to to do to make sure they have the best start in life? Good then you’ve come to the right place. At Paw paws Vet Clinic we can help and advise you during Puppy & Kitten First Steps. Starting now with good habits… Read more >>


We are currently not offering Grooming unfortunately. Sorry for any inconvenience.   If you are an experienced Groomer contact us during working hours by phone or by clicking here.


Surgery is undertaken for elective purposes (such as neutering) and to diagnose or treat a condition. Diagnostic surgery is called “exploratory” surgery. It is usually also the best form of treatment for any tumor and it is the fastest way to repair most injuries. A positive post-surgical environment is vital for your pet. They probably… Read more >>