Kitten Vaccinations

We have a special offer at Paw Paws Vet Clinic for your new kitten. Get Initial Kitten Vaccinations all in for just €79 (normally €85-95 depending on whether house or outdoor cat). Nice saving you!

Your kitten needs 2 sets of Initial Kitten Vaccinations given to them once they are 8 weeks or older and again 3-4 weeks later. All included in the €79! This is suitable for “House Cats” that never go outside (even on a balcony).

VERY IMPORTANT! If your kitten/cat does go outside, we need to give them an extra vaccination at each of 2 visits, costing €10 total paid in Clinic. We normally recommend a quick blood test first for €40. We can give you all the details about the differences and our recommendations based on your kittens situation at your appointment.

It’s a great idea to microchip and register kittens, just in case they wander. The chip can be read by Vets, Wardens, Rescue Centres and the Gardaí, so if found they can be identified quickly and back to “home sweet home”. Microchip is an extra €30 at same time, (normal cost €35), paid in the clinic, saving you even more!

If you want avail of this offer, please purchase the voucher below, PRINT IT OUT and then Book an Appointment.

For Microchipping you also need to bring ID and a Utility Bill as proof of address.