How Much Does it Cost?

This is surgery and you really want it done right not at the cheapest possible price!

If you are pricing around consider three things:

  1. Ask if clinic uses an “Injectable anesthetic” like Ketamine for neutering . This is cheap, designed for cows, not pets, and is dangerous for pets. Your pet will leave the clinic as if drunk or asleep and if anything goes wrong, reviving them is very difficult.
  2. Paw Paws only uses Gas Anesthetics, same as human medicine. Much safer, risk of heart attacks almost zero. Pets are less stressed and walk out of clinic the same way they came in, not “drunk” or unconscious! This is the safest way!
  3. What type of stitching is used? It’s far cheaper to use “catgut” stitching, stitches have to be removed a few weeks later so more stress/pain for pet and you need to take more time off. Your pet can bite stitches and pull them out or infect the wound, causing more stress/pain and more costs for you.

Paw Paws uses “internal absorbable stitching”. This means you can’t see stitches, pet can’t bite them, heals better and no second visit to remove stitches as they dissolve away over a 3 week period and you can barely see the scar after month.