What happens if my Pet gets lost?

Pets may stray or run away from home due to many reasons, fireworks for example, and this happens more often than people realise. Sometimes pets are able to make their way home and this contributes to underestimation of the issue.

The problem arises when pets are lost and get into “trouble”. Traffic accidents are quite common and that’s not the only hazard for a lost pet. Diseases and parasites are widely spread among the stray dog population, so they may come home with an unwelcome guest or two!

What happens when a pet is lost in an urban environment? Traffic, noises and odours that normally exist in our cities confuse pets. They can’t find their way home using their scent, as they would normally near home or in the countryside. Paw Paws is an urban Veterinary Clinic and has to deal with a lot of these cases. Recently we had to deal with a dog that lost its collar tag and could not be identified, it wasn’t micro-chipped either. In a few different cases, we had to deal with pets that where micro-chipped, but the microchip was not registered in any database.

If your pet is lost and brought to us, we read the microchip with our scanner, search the on-line database and contact you. This way the pet could be reunited with its family in a matter of hours. Obviously for this to happen the animal must be micro-chipped and registered to a national and EU database.

It’s a simple procedure that can save your pet and from January 2016 it’s the law. So don’t delay, pop into us and get it done as soon as possible.